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Quality and excellence in your product.

The most demanding design, adaptable to your imagination.

At Solits Design we work so that you can turn your imagination into solid ideas. We develop and manufacture molded Solid Surface products completely customized, focusing on the connection between our technology and an avant-garde design, providing the best solution to each of our customers.

Our experience as manufacturers of Solid Surface Molding, has allowed us to make real, product lines of the most demanding brands, as well as to carry out customized projects for great architects and designers.


How is our Solid Surface?

Material and design characteristics

Distinction from the formula

Our product is based on 100% acrylic resins of very high quality, differentiating us from the traditional Modified Acrylic Resin Solid Surface market.

Strength and durability

Solid surface pure acrylic material, characterized by a high white point and the ability to maintain purity without alterations over time, without yellowing. Resists daily impact and easily repairable.


It is an innovative material, environmentally friendly, whose composition combines the hardness of the mineral with the ductility of the resin. They are very advanced products compared to others that have been used traditionally.


Our process is molding by casting mold or thermoforming which offers great freedom in the design of any piece.


Our catalog

Download our available catalog

Download the Solits Design catalog to learn more about our work and technical information. Find examples of our bathroom and kitchen solutions.

But remember, this is just the beginning: at Solits Design we are at the service of your imagination, molding any kind of shape and design to your specifications.



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